More Keyboard Commands

Updated on January 7, 2022

Now, nubiDO has more keyboard commands to help you sort, action, and search tasks so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Keyboard commands are invoked with a command modifier key (denoted by [X] below) pressed in conjunction with the specific command key.  The command modifier is particular to your operating system.  For Windows or Linux, use the CTRL key as the command modifier.  For Mac, use the CMD or META key.

For example, to automatically organize tasks on a Windows device, press CTRL and O together.

Quickly add a task to the Inbox (or any other list)
[X] O
Organize Tasks (sorts and re-orders tasks based on their relative importance)
[X] F
[X] A
Select all tasks
[X] . (dot)
Toggle completed / active status for task(s)
Toggle "Today" status for task(s)
[X] E
Assign effort to task(s)
[X] P
Assign priority to task(s)
[X] D
Assign due date to task(s)
[X] G
Assign tags to task(s)
Delete task(s), list or project
Forcefully delete task(s) without requiring confirmation
(up arrow)
Navigate up a list
(down arrow)
Navigate down a list
[X] (left arrow)
Show / hide sidebar
Invoke the project, list or task editor
[X] /
Cancel popups or deselects all tasks

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